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This unique week-long residential course is for actors, performers, directors, teachers or academics who are looking to free up their bodies. Through energetic play, a range of physical approaches to performance and acting is explored. Based on the principles of Jacques Lecoq, the focus of this training is imagination, improvisation, play and transformation.



The starting point is the human body and its relationship to the space around it. Participants develop a stronger sense of themselves, which is used to propel them toward their personal physical limits. This work is combined with an investigation into different uses of space and how a story can be told clearly through the body and an imaginative use of scale and mimed imagery.



Tucked away in the idyllic rural setting of Arjac, in the Aveyron, South West France, this fully immersive experience offers creative focus far from the distractions of busy city life and an opportunity to meet, work and enjoy the company of like-minded creative people.



This 7 days'/ 6 nights' full board residential course will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants.

Wednesday 15 - Tuesday 21 April, 2020

Week-Long Residential Workshop

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Out of the Head, Into the Body